KoreSphere is intended for both HOT or COLD use. The special gel technology allows it to be used either hot or cold. Keep in the fridge or freezer or on ice for cold useage and simply put in hot water for hot usage. DO NOT MICROWAVE.

Using KoreSphere Without the Handle: The handle can be removed so that the KoreSphere can be rolled on the floor against your foot, hip, or back.

How to Make Koresphere Cold: If you want Koresphere cold, simply store it in the freezer or fridge before use.

How to Make Koresphere Hot: If you want Koresphere hot simply soak it in hot water.

When to Use KoreSphere: Most people use Koresphere after their workout and target the muscles that need the most attention, but you can also use Koresphere to loosen up before working out.

How Often You Should Use KoreSphere: The best way to know how much time is by how you feel. After a couple of minutes assess the area and decide if it is time to move to another.


As a Physical Therapist and Performance Coach constantly traveling and on-the-go with professional athletes, the KoreSphere is the perfect tool that allows me to utilize hot and cold massage therapy in a hand-held, travel-friendly way for effective tissue prep and pain management with my guys whether it is pre- or post-game.”

Dr. Zach Colls
Physical Therapy & Sports Performance Coach

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