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Kore 2.0 is an advanced smartwatch and fitness tracker:
Kore 2.0 combines the style and convenience of a smartwatch with the biometric features of a health and fitness monitor.

KoreTrak Pro vs. Kore 2.0:
Kore 2.0 is our next-generation model with advanced dual sensors that can provide more accurate readings of heart rate, body temperature and blood oxygen levels, plus more exciting new features.

Kore 2.0 shouldn’t be used to diagnose diseases:
Kore 2.0 is not a medical device. It cannot be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay medical treatment because of something you read on this website.

Using Kore 2.0:
Kore 2.0 has a large glass interface with intuitive touch screen controls that makes it easy to navigate through various apps and functions.

Kore 2.0 is sweat proof and splash resistant:
Kore 2.0 is safe to wear around water, but you shouldn’t go swimming or shower with it.

Using Kore 2.0 Without Your Phone:
Kore 2.0 can store data for up to 7 days on its own. Once paired with the new KoreHealth app, it will automatically synchronize with your phone the next time it comes within Bluetooth range.

Changing Kore 2.0 Band Colors:
Select the wristband customization kit at checkout for a selection of other styles and colors.

Kore 2.0 can go up to a week without needing a charge:
With the new magnetic charging dongle and basic USB connection, Kore 2.0 runs up to 7 days when fully charged.

Checking Your Sleep Patterns:
When you navigate to the Sleep function on the KoreHealth app, you’ll see your sleep cycle broken down into 4 categories: Excellent, Good, Light, and Bad. There is also a breakdown of the average time you spend in deep sleep, light sleep, and awake. With the KoreHealth app you are able to review the data collected on your Kore 2.0 watch and break down your sleep patterns hourly, daily, weekly and monthly!

Kore 2.0 can track specific workouts:
On the KoreHealth app, you can select specific workouts like running, weightlifting, basketball, yoga among others to track your progress and measure your output no matter what you are doing.


It’s so important to check your vital signs. What’s nice about Kore 2.0 is you get an accurate, real-time measurement of where your heart rate is during activities, during rest. If you don’t know the numbers, how do you really know you’re healthy?

Dr. Chris Durante
Doctor of Physical Therapy

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